Verso by Coti Sorokin

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Coti Sorokin is an argentine songwriter and composer recognized in Latin America and Europe for his work with diverse important musicians as Julieta Venegas, Ismael Serrano, Paulina Rubio, Diego Torres, Alejandro Lerner, Andrés Calamaro and more. In 2015, Coti launches his new álbum “Que esperas”, number seven in his repertory, with fourteen new songs. Studio Trip´s job was to develop a wine label for the launching of the artist´s new album. The main idea was to create an original and simple design piece directly related to the album cover art. For this reason, the label was designed with the colour palette of the album, including also the silhouette die cut of a woman´s legs, wich in the album appears as a photo, next the name of the wine in the same typeface as the album title.


Designer: Miguel Quiroga

Designed by Trip

Client: Coti Sorokin

Country: Argentina


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