Can You Count How Many Seals There Are Selling Seashells By The Seashore?

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These aerial photographs show how an army of seals and cormorants have taken over a sand bank off the coast of Great Yarmouth. The pictures were taken by aerial photographer Mike Page over Scroby Sands and he estimated there were at least 2,000 seals and 1,500 cormorants.

h/t: neatorama, metro, epd24

Mr Page took the images on Sunday and he says it is the most seals and cormorants he has seen on Scroby Sands in the last 30 years and he wondered how many fish it would take to keep the mixed colony alive. Page, 76, was flying over the sea near Great Yarmouth when he spotted something unusual around Scroby Sands.

“‘So I thought we’ll go and investigate – well thousands and thousands of seals,” the pilot said to Metro. “I’ve never seen so many in 40 years of flying.”

In March 2014 Mr Page counted 2,087 seals on the sand bank.

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